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STEM Services

Our programs and services are for youth, parents, teachers, and organizations. Collaboration and customization are vital to providing for the specific needs of each customer.

School Consultation for Instilling in Students a STEM Identity

With a focus on STEM diversity, we help programs plan for intentionally creating opportunities for children to ‘be in’ STEM roles and to have exposure to diverse STEM professionals in the present and from the past.  Realizing that if children can envision themselves and others like them in STEM, they will become more motivated to strive towards a future in STEM.   

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STEM Infusion Consultation with Community Organizations:

Youth Services, Volunteers, Churches & Other Spiritual Centers, Sports and Other Special Interest Groups

We specialize in helping existing programs incorporate more science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) into their existing programs.  There is no need to revamp an entire curriculum or to re-plan the program.  We help by incorporating STEM with what is already taking place.  

Tell us about your program and let’s schedule a time to work together.  

Building a Strong Literacy-STEM Connection

For Homeschoolers, Classroom Teachers, Literacy Teachers, Science Teachers (Elementary), Volunteers, Churches & Other Spiritual Centers, Other Special Interest Groups who use books

Book stories come alive with heightened comprehension for children when we ‘do something’ with the ideas we’ve read.  We assist in evaluating books for possible fun, engaging STEM  applications.  Next, through a lens of promoting problem solving and emphasizing specific concepts, we develop a menu of possible maker activities for children.

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