Our Mission, Our Vision, Our Youth

Discover why we work with students, parents, teachers, programs, and organizations to help young minds explore their interest through STEM fields

Our Mission

To increase the productive presence of black and brown representation in all areas of STEM by informing, inspiring, and encouraging young children, ages 4-12 by working with their parents, guardians, teachers, caregivers, and other influential adults. 

Our Method and Means

We present books, visuals/images, along with hands-on activities that provide self-imaging, concrete, and therefore, memorable experiences.

For Children:

For Adults:

About Our Founder

Tracy B. Jones is the founder of YoungSTEMs, a company offering services and products for exposing and motivating children in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, STEM. 

As a mother, grandmother, and veteran elementary educator she is driven to help children become all they can be as they learn and prepare for adulthood. Tracy believes in encouraging everyone to fulfill their inner gifts and interests.  Her approach involves providing often unavailable images of achievement, along with hands-on experiences to build up possibilities in the mind and spirit of children, and for the adults that support them.  

“It's easier to be what you can see and do.”

- A YoungSTEMs motto 

For 8 years, Tracy has engaged in promoting STEM for young children by sharing the concept of STEM diversity at STEM expos, professional conferences, community events,  and offering her children’s book, Careers in STEM A to Z, and related wall posters depicting diverse children in various STEM careers to parents and educators.  At her school, she led the establishment of a ‘makers lab’ to give elementary students the opportunity to creatively engineer physical items representing the content and concepts they learn across the curriculum. 

Tracy's desires and experiences have developed her expertise in using highly engaging strategies designed to support children and adults in dreaming big for the present and future.   

A letter from our founder

I am so excited to be on a STEM journey to encourage the youth of today!  As technology marches along, I take seriously the vision to have all young people stay squarely in-tuned, not just as consumers, but as competitive producers. Most of us need someone to communicate their belief in us from time to time, and I stand doing that in the programs and services we offer in YoungSTEMs.

I recall as a child taking apart my transistor radio, and propping up the circuit board in a little alcove in the bedroom I shared with my sister.  Although I was fascinated by it, I knew nothing about it. There was not anyone to push my curiosity as my family managed to struggle through difficulties and challenges, and yes, tragedy.

I had planned to train in radiology, but decided to become a teacher instead.  For over 30 years I have held very high expectations for my students and myself, refusing to accept as ‘normal’ the long-standing and stubborn patterns of underachievement of poor and formerly minority children in our public schools.  Today, the challenges of equity are real in a volatile political environment. I am motivated by the basic premise that we all have EQUAL value, and are born with individually unique qualities. These characteristics are often hidden in poverty, inequality, racism, sexism, poor self-image, and other factors affecting the opportunity to become all that we can.  Simply put, I was motivated to start YoungSTEMs to push back on the tide that would maintain the status quo.

Tracy Barnett Jones

Founder, YoungSTEMs LLC